EGCX Vici (Annual)

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EGCX Vici with Annual License

What do you get with our EGCX Vici?

It is one of the best trading software money can buy! Software is using our exclusive algorithms and outstanding strategies. This bot will enter and close as many trades as needed to hit a daily percentage target. With algorithms built in to protect and minimise drawdown, this bot is perfect for any level of experience trader!

The EGCX Vici has taken years to perfect and get to the standard we are more than happy with.

We have an amazing community built of customers and traders who help each other. Come join us and see how trading should be! 

    ✅ 1 Year Personal License

    4 Settings to choose from! - V S1, V MR1, V MR2, V R1

    Expert Advisor for Scalping on M5 Timeframe

    ✅ Perfect for new traders! Plugin & trade!

    ✅ No experience is needed! 

    ✅ Use of VPS is recommended but can also be used on PC*!

    ✅ Drawdown protection - Hamilton Closing

    ✅ Please read our ETS User Manual before purchase

    Private Trading Community for customers!

    ✅ Price includes TWO personal licenses! Can be used on both demo and live account. If you need more licenses, please contact us!