Elite Lifetime Membership

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Elite Lifetime Membership

includes a copy of EGCX Vici Pro & EGCX Gold Bot Pro

as well as any other retail trading software we may release in the future.

With the Elite Lifetime Membership, you also receive unrestricted access to our Discord Server, meaning you can use all our chats, including:

  • Chit-chat - exclusive to Lifetime Members only, where you can discuss & share your trading journey with others
  • 1:1 support - exclusive 1:1 support and ability to contact us directly via Discord, Telegram or WhatsApp!
  • Settings - access to our ETS Inputs Manual where you can find over 30 different settings for Vici Pro and Goldbot Pro!
  • Funded Challenges - a place to discuss Funded Challenges using our software!
  • Software Feedback - we have opened a new channel where you can share your feedback on how would you improve our software or what additional features would you like to see. Although we can't promise we will be able to implement everything, we will work closely with you to make your trading easier with our software.

What about the Software?

EGCX VICI PRO is our most advanced trading software for currency pairs, while EGCX GOLD BOT PRO is our best scalper for XAU/USD only!

What else do you get with our Elite Lifetime Membership?

Our exclusive algorithms and outstanding strategies are helping our clients achieve consistent profits weekly! Thanks to some amazing and exclusive features that include:

✅ Lifetime Membership - your software will never expire!

✅ The daily target of your choice

Trading Software for Scalping on M5 Timeframe

✅ Drawdown Management - Hamilton Closing

✅ Single Position Take Profit/Stop Loss trading style

✅ Set Risk Level per trade

✅ Set Trading Days & Trading Hours* (NEW FEATURE)

✅ Quality entries with trend identifier

✅ Account protection so you never risk more than you're comfortable with!

✅ Trailing Stop Loss so you can lock in trades for more profit!

✅ Personalise settings to suit your risk appetite

✅ Access to our Private Trading Community with over 200 profitable traders!

✅ ETS User Input Manual with over 30 different settings to help you start!

✅ Price includes FOUR personal licenses per software! Can be used on both demo and live account. If you need more licenses, please contact us!

✅ Free Upgrades for Life!

✅ Free Copy of every new retail software we release! Currently working on a new Crypto and Hedging Software!

✅ Please read our ETS User Manual before purchase

 We always suggest using the software on a DEMO account first. Learn more about the software, our service and the trading community before you risk your funds!

EGCX VICI PRO We truly believe it is the best retail trading software money can buy! It has taken us countless man and women hours to get the Vici Pro to the incredible standard it is. If you loved the Vici then be prepared to be even more in love! Now with added trend trading algorithms, account protection and a trailing stop loss, we have really gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of our traders.

We truly believe this is our best work for retail trading and we are so confident that any future upgrades will be FREE!

We have an amazing community built of customers and traders who help each other. Come join us and see how trading should be! 

    Lots of backtesting and live testing has been done with a variety of settings! And we will continue to backtest more and live test more so we can regularly update our Inputs Manual with new settings and pairs!

    Developing these settings take time and with 4 licenses now you have lots of control over your own settings. So please take your time and demo. If you can not be patient please do not purchase! Trading involves risks. By being part of our private community all settings will be shared with you.


    EGCX Gold Bot is using exclusive algorithms and outstanding strategies. You can now trade one of the worlds most traded assets - GOLD (XAU/USD) on an M5 timeframe!

    This bot will enter and close as many trades as needed to hit a daily target of 1%. (on standard settings). We have an amazing community built of customers and traders who help each other. Come join us and see how trading should be!

    Within our private community, we have a variety of settings and account sizes being used. We suggest demoing first using a demo account with a similar balance to what you're planning to invest with your live account. Our general risk management recommendation is to start with a minimum deposit of 1,000 (£/$/€).

    Take advantage of our trading community where you can ask questions if you'd like some honest feedback from users who use our software daily. You can speak to real customers as well as our support staff.

    Please demo first and only change inputs if you are happy you understand them and the impact they have on your trading results.